Special Blue is our premium line of cannabis, focusing on single strain offerings with potency levels always 25% THC or higher. Released periodically throughout the year, these craft batch offerings are hand-trimmed and available only while supplies last at select dispensary partners. Premium quality, top-shelf bud – you’ll want to grab these while ya can.


Hybrid Strain: BEARDED ZEN

Combining a sweet earthy flavor with warm, friendly vibes, this hybrid provides a blissfully balanced afterglow that’s perfect for transcendent trips. With a smooth gassy profile and 25.5% THC, you get a lingering, even-keeled high that’s like a soulful jam-band for mind, body, and soul.

Available in CA

Sativa Strain: GOLDEN WAVE

At 25.7% THC, this sweet and nutty sativa is a blissful ride through space and time. Coated in crystal trichomes and covered in thick orange hairs, one hit and you’ll be riding the wave of paradise in no time.

Available in CA

Indica Strain: THICC

Enjoy the ride and relax the mind with Old Pal’s 28.6% THC Thicc strain. This heavy indica has a gassy OG profile that gives off hints of your favorite garage band’s tour bus. As the cosmic swirl envelopes your mind you’ll be taken to far away places only to awaken on your couch.

Available in CA

The Best of Old Pal Flower

We love weed and know you do too. Special Blue is an ode to our consumers who are passionate about premium flower. With potency levels at 25% THC or higher and unique aroma profiles, these small-batch strains offer delicious olfactory rides to higher living with each new harvest. Check back often, as strain availability will rotate.

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